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The UN as a World State – A Real Vision for the Future?

For centuries philosophers have been debating whether it would not be better to live and act as a global community in a united world state. The current challenges in particular are too complex for the nation states to be able to master on their own. Sascha Wenzel approaches the debates about a world state in „The planetary climate crisis as an opportunity to establish a legitimate world state by 2050“ from different perspectives. His book was published at GRIN in April 2021.

Although people are aware that they will no longer be able to control the problems of the climate crisis and environmental pollution in the next few years without a joint global effort, there have been little efforts recently to develop the idea of a global community. The foundation stone for this has already been laid: With the founding of the United Nations (UN) on October 24 1945, 51 states united to guarantee peace and security for the world’s population. But is the UN the basis for a legitimized world state or are completely different prerequisites necessary?

How we can establish a legitimate world state by 2050

What global measures can mankind use to preserve biodiversity and avert the climate crisis? Does civil society need to put more pressure on politicians to bring about change as quickly as possible? Is it possible to restructure the UN so that it can be transformed into a powerful international institution? Do people need global ethical norms and values to create a world community? And can global governance be implemented as a set of rules for political actors? From the perspective of futurology, Sascha Wenzel approaches all of these questions in „The planetary climate crisis as an opportunity to establish a legitimate world state by 2050“. In particular, he appeals to political decision-makers and civil society to resume the discussion about the necessity of a global society and presents various scenarios with which this goal can be achieved.

About the author

Sascha Wenzel has a master’s degree in „Future Studies“. The big issues of the world community have preoccupied him for a long time. For him, the UN has the potential to initiate a transformation in order to constitute a world state with a deliberative democracy. Civil society plays an important role in this, because its cooperation with the UN should take place on an equal footing in the future. Wenzel emphasizes the importance of breaking new ground in transforming nations into a global society.

The book was published in April 2021 at GRIN (ISBN 978-3-346-39397-5).

Direct link for publication: https://www.grin.com/document/1014866

Free review copies can be obtained directly from the publisher at presse@grin.com.

Keywords:world state, global society, climate crisis, United Nations, civil society, global governance




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